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Search Marketing – Advertising on Google

Do you want to start advertising on Google? Or have you already started, but want better results? An accurate analysis of the market, the competition and keywords, is vital for a successful market strategy on Google and their partners. We, at Viseo have the skills and experience needed to succeed when it comes to advertising on Google.

Google AdWords Certified Professionals

At Viseo, we have many years experience of Google AdWords and other forms of online advertising. We have employees that have undergone Google AdWords test for certification and who keep in pace with Google and their updates of search networks.

If you would like to start advertising on Google, we will go through these four basic steps:

1. Understand how your customers search

We start by finding out who your potential customers are, where they are and what services/products your business sells. We find out where your ads should be visible and for who, so that a maximum number of visitors actually do business with your business.

2. Designing the ad

Your Google ads are written by our experts who have worked with AdWords for many years. We usually produce a number of different ads to be able to compare which ad gives the best results on Google when potential customers are searching. Before we publish your ads, you are, of course, given an opportunity to review them and provide input for changes.

3. Publication

When you have approved your ads, they will start to appear when a potential customer searches for your services. We follow up your ads daily, of course, and adjust keywords or ad text as necessary. We manage the optimization of the ads so that you can just sit back and wait for your customers!

4. Follow-up and Reporting

For you, in the end, to be able to see that you have made a profitable investment, we will always report how many times your ads displayed, how many were clicked on, and where the customers originated, etc.

Are you interested in being visible in the organic results and not pay per click price? Then search engine optimization is for your business!

Other types of advertising on Google

There are two different ways of advertising on the internet with Google AdWords. Either the traditional way which is called “search network” and consists of the search engine Google, as well as other smaller search engines where your Google ad is visible above or to the right of the search results. This is called CPC (cost per click). Every time someone clicks on your ad, costs are charged to the advertiser. The other way to advertise with Google is called “display network” and is a network of tens of thousands of websites that use AdWords.

Here, your Google ad appears in different formats such as text, video, or images. You pay either per click or CPM (cost per 1000 displays). This is very good, for example, for brand awareness building. Advertising on Google with AdWords, getting your ad seen and getting traffic to your website is often easy; if there is not too much competition. The challenge with advertising on Google is to get relevant traffic so that potential customers are drawn to your website.

We help you the whole way, from research of profitable keywords to new customer contacts and increased sales.

Got any questions?

If you have any questions or just want to have a cup of coffee and chat about advertising? Regardless of what you need help with, or have any questions about, all you have to do is contact us we will help you.

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